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I’ve been a student of Susi’s for I’m going to say close to 20 yrs. I’m travelling from Toronto for the retreat…hope that says something about the experience, quality of teaching, benefit/value I get out of attending her retreats, what she means to me as a teacher 🙏

Renata Tasselli

Longterm client

I have known Susi now for 6 years, met her when I lived in Switzerland, and highly appreciate her genuine and authentic yogi lifestyle. Her yoga sessions are intensive and fulfilling. The yoga retreats I did by her were great and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. “🤗🌞🧘

Christel de Jong

Longterm client

Susi is one of the rare people who Walks the Talk. I have been practising yoga and studying yoga philosophy for 6 years with her. She’s helped me TRANSFORM – mind & body ! And she is so much fun to be around !!😉

Dominique Vellutini

Longterm client

My journey with Susi started a decade ago with Life -Coaching while going through a crisis – which led to yoga with her and ultimately getting my yoga teachers training completed with Susi. Even though as an Indian, I’ve been exposed /done yoga from childhood, it’s with Susi that I learnt a lot more than yoga poses. I’m sure you too will find something that will connect you to her at an individual level 🌹

Monita Singh

Longterm client
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