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Myriam Bartu

A yoga teacher and sound therapist based in Zurich. Born in Zurich, she spent most of her life in Singapore and Hong Kong before returning to Switzerland in 2022. Myriam’s yoga journey began during her youth, but it wasn’t until she experienced the anxiety of motherhood that she dove deeper into the study of yoga and meditation.

Myriam completed her yoga teacher training in India, Hong Kong, and Europe, specializing in yoga nidra, sound healing, and trauma-sensitive yoga. She is passionate about helping people manage stress, anxiety, trauma, and exhaustion through yoga, breathwork, and sound therapy.

Myriam is known for her nurturing and supportive approach to teaching. She offers private sessions, workshops, and classes that focus on restoring calm, centredness, and peace. Her expertise includes resolving stress, anxiety, trauma, insomnia, and burnout, as well as supporting women’s health issues.

Myriam’s journey as a yoga teacher and sound therapist has been shaped by her personal experiences and training. She believes in the transformative power of yoga and sound therapy and is committed to sharing these practices with others.

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