Growing Your Lotus Yoga DVD

Growing Your Lotus is an internationally acclaimed and unique Yoga DVD created by Susi and designed for any yoga practitioner wanting to achieve Padmasana or lotus pose safely and easily.dvd_cover_small
Padmasana is the quintessential and ultimate yoga pose. If mastered, it brings an incomparable feeling of repose and calmness to the mind, especially when used during pranayama or meditation.

Growing Your Lotus features 4 Yoga sequences which will assist in opening hips & groins and ultimately sitting in Padmasana. The Opening and Squat sequences are ideal for all beginner students. Once mastered comfortably, the subsequent sequences provide a natural progression and will lead to sitting in Padmasana.

Intermediate students may follow all 4 sequences in one practice session or independently integrate them into an existing yoga practice. Practitioners who are close to reaching full Padmasana will benefit greatly by incorporating the Reclined Lotus Sequence into their yoga practice.

Growing Your Lotus is also an essential teaching tool for any yoga teacher.

Yoga Sequences

Includes 4 Yoga sequences !

  • Opening Sequence
  • Squat Sequence
  • Preparatory Seated Sequence
  • Reclined & Seated Lotus Sequence

Cost & Order

CHF 25.- plus Postage.
Please email: susidavies@gmail.com

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